Behind the scenes!

  As a small company, based in the mountains with tons of snow, a photoshoot is really fun to organize. It is especially fun when accompanied by a bunch of amazing athletes!     Join us as we go snowsurfing, snødynking and when we finally hit the river for some serious ice-bathing (and no…there was […]

The grind behind the glory!

  Behind every athlete & every arena i Kongeriket lies hours of dugnad. Parents, grandparents and Ildsjeler represents frivilligheten, selling waffles and freezing as parkeringsvakter in -15 o. In essence, offering their time in exchange for active children. Our Ildsjel™ skiwearcollection is inspired by & a tribute to those who preserve our heritage as a nation of skiers.   Did you have a local skiresort? […]


Romjul Scream 23

  Hytteforbud og stengte heiser – Ingen har satt hæla i taket og tenna i tapeten på afterski siden mars 2020. I Hyggedal heier vi på hverandre, og vi skal reise kjerringa med stil. #supportlocal og utforsk de deilige perlene Hyggedal har å by på. Vi presenterer noen av våre favoritter fremover, sign up og […]