Ildsjel® made by heritage


Behind every athlete & every arena i Kongeriket lies hours of dugnad. Parents, grandparents and Ildsjeler represents frivilligheten, selling waffles and freezing as parkeringsvakter in -15 o. In essence, offering their time in exchange for active children. Our Ildsjel™ skiwearcollection is inspired by & a tribute to those who preserve our heritage as a nation of skiers.

Did you have a local skiresort? Probably run by your parents or a Ildsjel. An oldschool ski-lift consisting of a rope with knots, run by an old Briggs & Stratton engine,  making noise and stopping all the time. You trying to keep balance in the skilift with way too big boots inherited by older siblings, afraid of falling and loosing “skicredit” amongst your friends.

Join us when we visit Ildsjelene behind Ringkollen Skisenter, taking this historic ski resort to the next level and thus providing Kongeriket with the next generation of skiers on a national level.